About us

About us

Galgo Real Estate

The greyhound is one of the most appreciated dogs: the pharaohs and other Asian and African kings had images of this type of dog engraved in their graves from 4000 BC. C.

They were used to hunt antelope, wolves and deer and became very popular. They spread throughout the Middle East and Europe, eventually reaching Britain, where they became a status symbol. In fact, so much so that in 1016 only the elite could afford to own a greyhound. They were used to hunt hares and later for racing, where they proved once again to be the fastest dogs in the world.

The GALGO represents the image and name of our company, the characteristics of the GALGO identify the DNA of our business: speed, agility, loyalty, intelligence and purity.

Who we are

Galgo Real Estate is a young and dynamic company that was born with the aim of merging the close and humane treatment required by the real estate sector with agility through the experience and digitization of traditional real estate processes.

About us

Our vision

Our goal is that our clients are satisfied thanks to our transparency, seriousness and cordiality in the treatment throughout the entrusted operation.

Our values

  • Commitment

    Our success is your satisfaction.

  • Confidence

    It is the pillar of the success of any operation.

  • Transparency

    Information at your fingertips at all times.

  • Professionalism

    Qualified advisers at your disposal at all times.

  • Resolutive

    Tailor-made solutions for the most demanding.

  • Innovative

    State of the art in technology and digitization of the real estate sector.

Our team

Álvaro García
Real estate agent alvaro.garcia@galgorealestate.com +34 613 013 670
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Courtney April
Real estate agent courtney@galgorealestate.com +34 677 80 38 36
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Silvia Gómez
Real estate agent silvia.gomez@galgorealestate.com +34 613 008 005
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What is the value of my property?

  • Assessment according to area and market
  • Totally free and without commitment

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